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Victory Crossbow V-Bolt


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We’ve all heard it. That sound when an arrow smacks home on target with a healthy “thump.” It’s magical. The VAP VooDoo Crossbow bolt has its own kind of magic and is the most advanced hunting bolt on the market. The .166 micro-diameter shaft penetrates deeper and cuts through the wind like no other bolt can. With Victory’s exclusive Rail Rider and oversized nock point technology, the VooDoo has 95% less contact with the rail, meaning the vanes can be helical fletched for faster spin rates and improved accuracy. VooDoo bolts come with AAE Max Hunter® Vanes, Penetrator Broadhead Adapters and are available in 20″, 22″ and 24″ lengths to fit even the fastest crossbows. Unleash some VooDoo magic of your own with this unstoppable bolt.