X10 Success Program

The X10 Academy Success program is designed for archery and firearm retailers and educators to build and hone their programs for success.

Hit Your Targets

X10 Archery is a range, pro-shop, Academy and events venue, with limited inventory. So, how do we keep the doors open? Services. You may have a high grossing annual revenue in your pro-shop, but what is your net profit? Your expenses are also high with the high dollar equipment that you have on the walls. In these days of being able to order anything online and have it delivered so quickly, there is less need for stores to carry a lot of inventory. Inventory ties up your money, may not move and collects dust. You may end up having to sell at a loss, which makes those more profitable items, not quite the investment you thought they were.

Smart Services

Services have a much higher profit margin, without the headache of inventory purchase and management. Don’t get me wrong… there is always a need for inventory, and if you’re doing well in that area, keep doing what you’re doing. But wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional stream of revenue? If you agree, read on... In this six-step success program, we will talk about the what and how. And we will keep it simple. So simple it will seem too good to be true. But it really is this simple. If this lil’ ol’ British girl can cross the pond and create the largest archery teaching academy in the state of Texas, and keep her doors open without carrying the big boys of compound archery, then there’s hope for you too!

Lynda Whitehead

X10 Academy Founder & President USA Archery L4 Coach, Coach Trainer
Hi there! My name is Lynda, and I'm passionate about helping others reach their potential. Whether that is working with students to develop the shooting skills and mental game, or showing other retailers and educators how to grow successful programs in the shooting sport industry. In this changing and uncertain world, it is imperative that we innovate and come together as a community, to support one another in facing the road ahead. YOU can be instrumental in creating a stronger community, using your shooting facility as a platform to host educational programs and community events.

Free Content

Discover some of the insight that I can bring to you by watching these complimentary educational videos that I recorded with the Archery Trade Association.