"TRY ARCHERY" is for all new archers. It is a time of learning with a USA Archery certified instructor or coach who teaches safety, the basic steps of shooting, and how to shoot safely with other people in an archery range. You will also learn a little about archery equipment, and the many benefits of archery in your life. 

Learning archery at any age can be beneficial for discipline, focus, personal growth, and development. And not forgetting it is a whole lot of fun! You will love the diverse archery community, which consists of anything from recreational shooters, to serious competitors, bowhunters and more. And, for our youths, did you know you can get PE credits and scholarships with archery? Come and try it out. 

We put safety first and want our new and existing patrons to always have a good experience at X10 Archery.

With this in mind:
**"TRY ARCHERY" is required for all new archers to X10 who use our equipment - no exceptions

If it has been over a year since your last visit, you will be required to attend a Try Archery class as a refresher, and sign a new waiver.

  • TRY ARCHERY 12-120
    Includes equipment and safety briefing.
    Mandatory for newbies.

  • TRY ARCHERY 7-11
    30 mins of fun for the littles




  1. Know and follow all safety rules

  2. Show courtesy to fellow archers

  3. Be aware of your surroundings

  4. Silence your cell phone

  5. Mind your language

  6. Respect all equipment

  7. Clean up after yourself



  1. Distract other archers

  2. Offer unsolicited advice

  3. Approach or leave the shooting line when a neighboring archer is at full draw