PSE Nock On Embark


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Being performance driven is more than just a slogan. It’s more than just slapping a new gimmick on last year’s model and calling it a day.

Being performance-driven means that every decision, every feature, and every improvement is hyper-focused on one thing only – outperforming everyone else.

The 2022 EVO XF has been precision-engineered, field-tested, and fine-tuned for unparalleled performance. THIS IS EVO PERFECTED.

  • The NOCK ON® EMBARK™ is inspired by NOCK ON® Nation’s John Dudley
  • Introducing the all-new EMBARK™, a budget-friendly bow by PSE in collaboration with Nock On®. The Embark™ is a compact and super mobile 31-inch axle-to-axle bow with a forgiving 7” Brace height
  • When it comes to performance, the Embark™ certainly doesn’t disappoint with an IBO speed rating of 327 FPS


  • Brace height: 7”
  • Axle-to-axle: 31”
  • ATA/IBO Speed: 327-319 FPS
  • Let-off: 80%
  • Mass Weight: 4.3 LBS.
  • Draw length range: 23½ ”- 30 ½”
  • Draw weights: 60, 70
  • Limb bolt turns: 10
  • Cam: ZF
  • Finish: NOCK ON® Green and Special Ops

          Available in Right or Left handed